What is BLIS...

BLIS, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Established in 2005 by Arthur G. Richards and Reginald G. Schindler, BLIS has successfully delivered a unique and innovative type of insurance product, called 'BLISCare' that is based on a 'surgeon centric' insurance model. With BLISCare as the cornerstone, BLIS offers solutions to providers including patient financing, ('BLISPay') and provider networking, ('BLISNet'), all designed around a simple mission; increase access to surgery.

BLIS is an acronym for 'Bundled Loan & Indemnity Solution'. Our concept has been to combine patient financing with protection in order to address two of the primary obstacles patients face when considering surgery; cost and risk. BLIS builds these solutions around the highest quality surgeons. Check out the BLIS web pages to learn more about BLISCare, BLISPay and BLISNet and then contact BLIS for more details.

" BLIS is currently working with more than 675 healthcare providers in 47 states. "