BLISCare is an innovative, one-of-a-kind insurance available to "best in class" surgeons. BLISCare is not health insurance, rather it protects the patients of a BLISCare insured surgeon against complication related medical expenses should a complication occur from select specialty surgeries.    It works like a financial backstop.   Protection from medical bills due to a surgical complication comes with what you buy when you choose a BLIS surgeon to perform your surgical case.

With BLISCare, the BLIS surgeon is able to make a commitment to patients and/or payers that, should the patient suffer a covered surgical complication, the patient will have access to additional medical care needed to treat the complication at no additional cost. BLISCare is available in plans that cover this risk for up to 60 months following surgery.

What Does BLIS Protection Do for Patients?

•BLIS pays for medical bills* and protects the patient from financial responsibility related to a covered complication including any facility fees, surgeon fees, professional charges, rehabilitation, and any other ancillary costs as directed and approved by your BLIS surgeon.
•Any concerns regarding covered complications will be immediately addressed between the patient and his or her BLIS surgeon enabling the continuation of care, including diagnosis and treatment.
•Alleviates concern by planning ahead for unexpected medical bills that may exceed the cost of surgery.

BLISCare procedures

*Certain restrictions apply