BLISNet is the brand name assigned to a range of efforts by BLIS to organize BLISCare insured surgeons, by surgical specialty, into various types of 'networks' for the purpose of creating access for payers who want to participate in the unique risk protection model uniquely available from the BLIS surgeon.   Through exclusive business partner relationships as well as its own offering, BLIS is enabling access to specialty surgeon networks consisting of the elite BLIS surgeon in their respective geographic market.

As the United States healthcare market evolves from a services based model into a outcomes based reimbursement model, the BLISCare insurance provider becomes extremely well positioned to offer a true, 'risk protected' bundled price. As a result, the payer can enjoy the economic advantages of paying one single price for surgery.   This type of risk protected bundle represents the ultimate manifestation of quality in surgery. After all, only a select few surgeons are approved by BLIS and their ability to continue in BLIS is strictly a result of their BLIS outcomes.   This outcomes based approach to continuously evaluating surgeons is unique to BLIS.

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